Run Mile to Mile and Surpass a Marathon

A lot of people have problems working on long term goals. They tend to lose focus somewhere along the way or become disheartened at not seeing the proportionate results TODAY. This mindset has had negative effects on hundreds of startup companies including my earlier ventures. Being in the service industry, my annual sales targets and revenue projections were difficult to translate into monthly estimates. Mostly, this is because the variables involved in service industries altered priorities and in turn, projections. My advice is to just break it down. Break down your long term goals into simpler, more measurable and achievable short term goals. First, fully understand the variables involved, and then worry about tackling targets. Analyze where you want to go what you have to do today to get there. Most importantly, figure out who you have to be now in order to achieve those goals.

If you want to be the best guitarist the world has ever seen, you have to get recognized in local circles first. That is your short term goal. To do that, you can further break it down to your neighborhood, town, city…world. Measurable short term goals will add up to you beating your annual targets because you will constantly be motivated every step of the way