Finding Your Passion and Loving What You Do

Every aspiring entrepreneur has likely been told to do what they love. This advice has merit since passion about an idea can really help drive a person to succeed. If you don’t believe in an idea or care about its success, it’s harder to rise above the challenges; this will be apparent in the results. On the other hand, it might not always be easy to find a fun or exciting niche that’s practical for business. Whether you’re looking to start a new enterprise or just want to feel more passionate about a current endeavor, it is good to appreciate the journey. Looking within, setting goals and finding new perspectives are habits to cultivate.

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What it Means to Listen

Questioning things is very important to gain more understanding. This applies to both sides of a question, asking and answering. In my experience, many people focus on getting answers without caring why they are correct. Memorizing things and being stuck in your ways leads to statements like, “You can’t do that because it just isn’t done that way.” In effect, people become close-minded to true discussion.

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How Traditional Customs can Benefit You

As I grew up in my house, I always used to question a lot of things that my parents/family members/relatives said to me. This was driven by my learning, scientific observations, how others behaved, and even knowledge of different cultures. Despite my urgings, I never used to get the exact or scientific reasoning behind why the people close to me practiced cultural traditions. Instead of accepting being ignored, or simply rebelling, I decided to do my own research. There are many cultural traditions that are mostly invalid today since they were based on practical purposes which our civilization has evolved past. However, there are many which can still be relevant.

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Response vs. Reaction

Cockroach theory: The reactionary behavior of individuals when they suddenly encounter an agent of panic.

Imagine you are at a restaurant and a cockroach suddenly lands on a lady. The expected reaction would be her screaming out of fear. You can picture her jumping up and waving her hands to swat the insect away. The reaction being contagious, most people around her would also panic. The problem would compound the drama further if she managed to push the cockroach onto another person. Now imagine the cockroach landing upon a stoic person. Despite fear and disgust, the person would stand firm and composed.

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