Implementation vs. the Newest Thing

“Bright – Shiny – New!” appeals to a lot of people, but it shouldn’t be the first thing you focus on when developing strategies. Shifting your mindset towards better implementing ideas rather than always striving for new ideas altogether, will result in better success.

Some people just need the latest gadget in the market. When your favorite company comes out with its latest product, you are first in line.

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Hiring Strategies of Successful Companies

Joining innovative companies can guarantee career success. However, part of the reason that such companies are successful is because they apply innovative strategies at all levels, especially the hiring process.

Job candidates should shift their focus when it comes to education. Instead of trying to acquire as many degrees as possible, people should concentrate on the education value itself. Don’t just memorize things to pass tests and earn a piece of paper, be able to apply learnings to the real world.

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Passion is Power

The primary reason for failure is a lack of passion. From my experience in both business and social environments, passion is often the missing ingredient when someone fails. A lot of times, people simply assume that success determined by wealth or fame. Therefore, if someone doesn’t have much more wealth or fame than they require for something, they tend to not work hard at it. This mindset sometimes prevents people from starting things in the first place and promotes the idea that only a few can really achieve anything.

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Run Mile to Mile and Surpass a Marathon

A lot of people have problems working on long term goals. They tend to lose focus somewhere along the way or become disheartened at not seeing the proportionate results TODAY. This mindset has had negative effects on hundreds of startup companies including my earlier ventures. Being in the service industry, my annual sales targets and revenue projections were difficult to translate into monthly estimates. Mostly, this is because the variables involved in service industries altered priorities and in turn, projections. My advice is to just break it down. Break down your long term goals into simpler, more measurable and achievable short term goals.

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