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Fresher's need to come up to speed in the quickest possible way and time thereby saving time and cost for enterprises. We focus on customized content and training methodologies to enable quicker knowledge transfer and higher retention.
We are aware that all Fresher's need to have good communication skills and a good understanding of business etiquette. You could have someone who is technically the best but if she/he cannot communicate adequately then their options for roles within the company would be severely hampered.
Our training incorporates communication and business skills throughout their training program. We arm Fresher's with right skills, help them to implement learning, which results in increase in productivity and inspire career growth.
c-1   Our Learning outcomes and Interventions
  • Effective Communication in a Global Environment
  • Build Confidence
  • Professional Etiquettes (email, telephone, meetings)
  • Effective Presentation
  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Goal setting and deliverables
  • Build and manage interpersonal relationships
Workshop Timeline:
24 hours (3 full-days or 6 half days)
Our Success Story
Corporate training for fresher's was conducted at a global company in Bangalore. Our participants included new staff for IT, HR and other departments.
Manager Feedback
“I am observing marked improvement in my team members, overall productivity increased by 25% and training time reduced by 30%.”Rathan, Manager
Participant Feedback
“My Sincere thanks to Ignite Career Confidence for holding workshops for us at our company. I developed communication skills, teamwork and business etiquettes. I am implementing my learning at work and it has helped me perform better and I have made new friends.”Mithesh
“I am thankful to Career confidence for training me on goal setting and time management. I got promoted in ABB Company, Bangalore in the ITI sector. The skills which I learned in workshop helped me to perform better in my company.”Mohan B.K.
“I have a Diploma in Engineering and participated in the Career Confidence workshop in my company, which helped me develop self confidence, Teamwork and Leadership. These skills helped me to get promoted as Supervisor position.”Vishwas S.
Every individual or member of the workforce must understand the market or industry needs and the key elements of exceptional customer service that lead to best business outcomes of individual employee, team and company and it improves employee morale and satisfaction.
For Employers:
Employees of successful companies change their organizations’ bottom line by improving their effective communication and career enhancement skills at work and life that will also elevate PR and reputation of the organization.
For Employees:
Arm yourself with right skills, implement learning and grow your career.
c-2   Our Learning Interventions and Outcomes
  • Effective Communication in a Global Environment
  • Email, Tele Conference and Meeting Etiquette
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Maximizing Your Meetings
  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Change
  • Managing Interpersonal Relationship
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
Workshop Timeline:
24 hours (3 full days or 6 half days)
Number of Participants:
25 people max
Career enhancement training for staff of a global company in Bangalore.
We custom designed the class curriculum to meet the learning needs of staff and company and conducted two 16 hour workshops.
Feedback from Management:
“I find that the training sessions and topics like greeting, how to communicate with customers, etiquettes and cultural sensitivities were very useful for my professional and personal development; I use the customer service guidelines in the reference grid regularly. I am implementing 90% of my learning in my daily work. ”G.S., Manager
“CSE team Participation and interest level was good; participants gave positive comments and feedback about the sessions. Information gathering presentation and lifecycle was excellent and stitching each part was the highlight of the program. As to the implementation of learning, participants are implementing various learnings, especially, how to bring the customer mindset to neutral state before they can proceed to information gathering. This is working well.”R.K., Manager
“I am observing improvement in several participants, especially, with some people, it was difficult to get them to say a few words before, but now they are more bubbly, friendly, communicative and social.”M. R., Head of India Operations
Participant Feedback
“How to handle the unhappy customer, get clarity before promising solution, team leader responsibility”
“I got insights on teamwork and how to work with team leaders or be an effective team leader and how to improve communication flaws, listening skills. I enjoyed the workshop, thank you.”
“I have developed a positive outlook, improved my confidence, my presentation exercise helped me lose stage fear & to present my ideas effectively. ”
Success in business happens because of successful employees. That being said, strong managers are one of the most critical components of Employee Success. It’s important to focus directly on managers as a lever of engagement to recruit, retain, and inspire the greatest asset to your company: employees. To do this management development is critical to the organizations.
This program is designed to increase effectiveness of existing managers as well as prepare new managers for the role.
We believe that learning is more by doing and practicing: includes multiple hands on exercises and all programs are custom designed to meet learning needs.
Our Learning Interventions and Outcomes
  • People Management and team building
  • Communication skills for managers
  • Presentation skills for managers
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Conflict Management
Workshop Timeline:
3 full-days (8 hours per day) or 6 half days
Number of Participants:
25 people max
Our Success Story
Career Confidence conducted a 2 full-day Workshop –A special program designed for assistant and senior managers which created a collaborative learning mix and environment.
Participant Feedback
“It was very interactive and effective and I liked participating in the activities and case studies. My takeaways were Leadership, Negotiation skills and how to manage conflict. I would apply the learnings in my work as well as my personal life to make it more effective and productive, will work towards improving the company bottom-line.” Mahalakshmi B P, HR Manager
“Excellent experience on the first session on leadership keynote, which was totally different, six hats session was very interactive. My takeaways were Qualities for leader, Decision making, art of negotiation and communication.” Suresh Kumar G S, Manager
“A lot of fun and yet thought provoking, Six Thinking hats gave me new dimensions on approaching and solving problems together in a team. I would focus more on mentoring my team, will implement the six hats method of management regularly now.”Krishna
“Excellent workshop and well organized programs, highly motivating trainers. Plan to apply effective teamwork and leadership styles and other learnings into my day to day work while dealing with customer, team members and family.”Ramdev Rao


Co-Working Office Space in Rajajinagar 1st Block, near Diacon Hospital. Our space is perfect for beginning to early growth-stage entrepreneurs/startups. In this space, we have created an awesome collaborative community which offers much more than just office space.

We are constantly improving the space to give greater value to our community!

The location is on a main road but maintains a more peaceful atmosphere than busier areas. We are very near to Orion Mall and the Rajajinagar Metro Station.
Amenities include:
  • Access to awesome entrepreneur programs & networks
  • Access to mentors & Founders
  • On demand access to conference room 24x7
  • Hi Speed Internet
  • 2 wheeler parking on premises + easy street parking for 4-wheeler's
  • 24/7 Power Backup
  • Shared Conference rooms, lounge areas and meeting rooms
  • All the benefits of a plug & play, plus much more!
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